The Guild of Tulsa Opera General Membership meeting was held in Baden Hall at the Tulsa Opera on April 17, 2024. President Marlene McAllister presided as Chair, and the Recording Secretary being present, called the meeting to order at 1535 hours.

Present: 13 members

President’s Report/Opera Ball: President Marlene McAllister opened the meeting by Introducing the board members present. She summarized the recent activities of the board. As Susan Carle Young was detained at another meeting, Marlene briefly described the background information that resulted in the two motions approved by the board of directors regarding the Opera Ball that were in the membership meeting notification. Marlene described the ‘pros’ of The Guild taking on the opera ball. Susan then presented the challenges anticipated in taking on the opera ball. Marlene opened the issue for discussion. Several members present described their experiences with the ball.

Bylaws Changes: Kathy Mears presented a summary of the changes to the bylaws which were due to adding the Opera Ball along with the VP for Opera Ball; setting a limit for the amount of purchases the president could sign off on without board approval; and, fixing some miscellaneous typos, etc. After presenting the changes, Kathy moved that they be approved. Elizabeth Palmieri seconded the motion. There was no further discussion from the members present. The changes were approved.

Marlene stated that the next steps will be to develop the processes to support the opera ball.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1610 hours by Marlene McAllister, President.

Submitted by Kathy Mears, Recording Secretary

To read the full minutes and motions, CLICK HERE